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C onfidence, Calmness, Commitment
H ope, Her story, Happiness
O ptions, Opportunity, Ownership, Optimism
I  dentity, Interest, Ignite
C elebration, Completion, Competence
E nergy, Emotional, Expression

Life Stages is a program of

"Woman-to-Woman Sisterhood"

The goal is to open the mind to possibilities that are not yet recognized. We believe that mentoring is a powerful tool that will enable each generation to prepare for success in life. Mentoring focuses on building strategies designed to promote personal growth, and assist women in identifying and exploring various life choices. This will enable them to benefit from successes gained as well as challenges that may lie ahead.

Our purpose is simple:

We assist women in building a
sisterhood - one friendship at a time.

Life Stages Founder, Arlecia Martin, has traveled the world as a businesswoman and private citizen. Yet, she also traveled with the awareness of a daughter, a single mother and a woman who was balancing all the responsibilities women face in today's multitasking world. She saw the challenges faced by women who have financial means and by women who must scavenge to survive. One common trait would bond her with these diverse and different people in a "woman-to-woman sisterhood". Whether it be children, parents, birth control, money, men, illness, or joy - women everywhere experience the same challenges. They cope, they face them as their life changes and they work through the stages of "womanhood". She observed that the women who had the opportunity to share their thoughts and difficulties with other women - older and younger - seemed to handle their lives with more hope, direction and confidence.

Out of these experiences and observations, Life Stages was founded. One of the most striking traits she observed in her travels, was the role of women as the heart of the family - the keepers of traditions, values and customs.

Arlecia has developed Life Stages as a vehicle which will allow this time honored tradition - the passing on of womanly wisdom to other women - to continue and to be encouraged.

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