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C onfidence, Calmness, Commitment
H ope, Her story, Happiness
O ptions, Opportunity, Ownership, Optimism
I  dentity, Interest, Ignite
C elebration, Completion, Competence
E nergy, Emotional, Expression

Show your Support for Life Stages

At Life Stages we will continue to provide Seminars and helpful information to women across the world. We depend on your donations to help our organization grow. Please consider making a donation today.

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If you have any questions about your donations or if you would like to find out more information about teaming up with Life Stages or inviting us to your work place please feel free to contact us directly.

Why Donate?

Your donation to Life Stages will be used to help women be the best they can be in life. Our goal is to promote life enhancing skills using obtainable and concrete measures that will aid in each woman's success.

Supporting Life Stages makes sense from the head…and the heart. When you give to Life Stages, you can be assured your gift will help expand the world of women helping women. But the good news is Life Stages national network is expanding to major cities across America. Our International network expansion to various countries around the world is in progress. Your donations are tax deductible.

You may donate via regular mail to:

Life Stages, Inc
P.O. Box 360622
Decatur GA 30036-0622

Please make the check payable to Life Stages, Inc. Donations made outside of the U.S. should be an international money order that may be purchased in many post offices in various countries.

Please DO NOT send currency through the mail.

Sponsorship Options

You may choose to sponsor an individual on a monthly basis. This will allow women who cannot afford the standard workshop attendance fee to attend as a sponsored participant. By this method you can become an active, viable Associate Mentor of Life Stages. You will be financially mentoring a member of the “Woman-to-Woman Sisterhood”.

By doing so you will receive an Associate Financial Mentor Certificate of appreciation and acknowledgement.

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