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C onfidence, Calmness, Commitment
H ope, Her story, Happiness
O ptions, Opportunity, Ownership, Optimism
I  dentity, Interest, Ignite
C elebration, Completion, Competence
E nergy, Emotional, Expression

Arlecia Martin

Arlecia Martin

I am an experienced woman who has had the benefit of a wide range of events along this road of life.

As my life has gone through the stages of religious beliefs, marriage, loneliness, unemployment, parenting, balancing a profession with single parent family responsibilities along with the demands of an adult offspring, I have come to accept joy, embrace spiritual beliefs and merge my responsibilities with others and myself. These experiences, shaped by my challenges and the joy of my successes, have allowed me to journey through this multi-faceted society. Each have given me a sound grasp of the challenges of womanhood.

My life experiences gained from traveling to various parts of the world, meeting and melding with women from many walks of life, gives me extensive exposure. This enables me to assist and promote the "Woman-to-Woman Sisterhood". With these opportunities I bring to Life Stages optimism for women of all ages and in all places.

An important part of Life Stages is Experience, Exposure and Opportunity (EEO) teaching us as women to develop into Confident, Happy, Optimistic, Influential, Competent, Energized (CHOICE) women. The key is to promote a Whole and Complete life.

For us to achieve this together, we invite you to take “MY Evaluation”. This information will help us tailor the program to your individual needs. The information you provide will be confidential.

I am a certified workshop facilitator.

Denise Irish

A seasoned listener, evaluator, problem solver in her career as a Customer Service Manager with Fortune 500 Corporations, she deciphers concerns from people all over America. She is adept at collecting information, weighing its merits and condensing the solutions into tightly written, specific plans.

Her own transition into an independent writer and consultant is a natural career shift. She brings to Life Stages a combination of corporate experiences and personal achievements.

To accomplish this goal of receiving and sharing wisdom with one another, women attend seminars. There they become re-acquainted with and are exposed to various ways of communicating and expressing their personal experiences. In this open environment, through guided exercises, they become familiar with listening and sharing their concerns. Also they examine the way they handle life's challenges.

Using experimental methods, the women experiment with the skills of decision making and finding options. They learn to select the best choices for themselves. Finally, they explore what is necessary to act on these positive decisions.

Here's how we're affecting the lives of others:

Arlecia is truly an inspirational speaker and teacher. She is passionate about her work in helping others and is extremely articulate in her presentations. Her speaking voice is entrancing and so very pleasant to listen to.

Betty Skalitzky
Ocala, Florida

Arlecia’s presentation is like a spiritual offering. Her voice is mesmerizing and I truly enjoyed her sincere and animated teaching style.

Sandra Clark
Regina, Sask, Canada

Arlecia’s hypnotizing voice carried me to a state where my brain could connect to my heart and understood how forgiveness can save my family relationship and physical health.

Thank you,
Maribel Vincenty
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Thank you Arlecia for a wonderful workshop – I felt safe and secure and totally free to express my true self.

Thank you,
Dawn Levy-Maeda
Toronto, Canada

WHAT is the purpose of these Seminar?

  •  Getting to know yourself

  •  Sharing solutions with others

  •  Building friendships

  •  Establishing a sisterhood

  •  Experiencing the strength of
      the Life Continuum

WHAT is the Life Continuum?

It is the circle of life and the heart of the LIFE STAGES program. Our logo represents women of all colors, races, creeds and countries as they encircle the earth. Women pass on life. They are the keepers of life and its traditions. The ability to create life is in their bodies and their brains and their hearts. Women share the bodily experience of ever changing cycles and the challenges of the stages of life that come with age. Women are all different yet all the same. When women bond together, they can share the wisdom of their experiences and find the strength of seeing in each other where they have been in life; where they are in life and where they can go in life.

"... a ring when it's rolling;
it has no end ..."

That is the Life Continuum.

WHAT are Experiential Methods?



Moving your body and using your brain.

Theatricals are short, original, one woman plays that dramatize real life problem solving, communicating and other relevant topics to the seminars.

Role playing is the opportunity to talk from various perspectives and experience other options of thought by acting them out. It can also be taking the identity of another person and talking as if you were in their place. Role playing then becomes a way to experience what it is like to look at life from another person’s point of view and examine different life choices.

Guided exercises are opportunities for taking the time to look at, and share with others, ways of thinking about, evaluating and deciding what to say and do with the multiple stresses and demands faced in daily living.

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